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Hunger Games Digital Escape Room

March 11, 2021

Virtual Escape Rooms

Hunger Games Digital Escape Room – – Try this Digital Escape Room by the Longview Public Library

The 74th Hunger Games is here and this year you are hoping that once again, you will not be chosen as tribute. You take one last walk through the forest before heading back to the square. If you were caught outside of the electric fences the Peacekeepers would punish you. Though this knowledge does not deter you from venturing out.

A lot has been on your mind, since you are the eldest and have to help take care of your mother and siblings. It is almost time for the reaping, where one boy and one girl will be chosen as tribute to participate in the games. Once at the square, your worst nightmare comes to fruition and your youngest sisters name is chosen. This is not what you wanted, she is too young and cannot go. It is then that you make a decision and rush forward to volunteer to take her place.

You are granted one last goodbye before leaving to head to the capitol and then the Hunger Games will begin. It is there in the capitol where you meet your teammate and learn of the trials you must overcome. This will be a trial of strategy where one must find out how to escape the arena in which the Hunger Games are held.

You are dropped off within and listen to the countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1, GO!


March 11, 2021
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