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Sherlock Holmes: Escape from the Scarlet Study

February 4, 2021

Virtual Escape Rooms

Sherlock Holmes: Escape from the Scarlet Study – Try this Digital Escape Room by the Paloma Valley Library

After returning home from the library, you settle in for the evening and pick up the old copy of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”​ you checked out. Flipping to the table of contents, you see a story you haven’t heard of before at the end of the book: “Escape from the Scarlet Study.” You flip to the story…and then the room starts to spin.

When you open your eyes, you are no longer in your home. Instead, you find yourself in a cluttered study covered in ornate scarlet wallpaper. Dimly lit by gasoline lamps, you see a freshly-opened letter on the desk topping a pile of books and notice the date: 1895! How did this happen?!

“About time,” a voice behind you intones. You whirl around and see a tall, thin man with a patch of dark hair wearing a tweed suit and a deerstalker hat. Could it really be…Sherlock Holmes?

“I’ve been waiting for a good five minutes. My dear friend and occasional assistant, the good Dr. Watson, was unable to accompany me on this particular excursion. So I had to use the tools at my disposal to summon help—which must be you—here. If you can help me find my way out of this labyrinth of a house, I’ll send you right back from whence you came—​if you’re game for an adventure, that is. Is this arrangement acceptable?”


February 4, 2021
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