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Can I get a library card?

Check out our Get a Library Card page for more information on who is eligible and what you need to do to register.

What if I lost my library card?

Give us a call and let us know! We’ll put a block on your account until you are able to come into the library to get a new card.

Can I pick up someone else’s hold?

Yes, but only if you and the other person have previously set up your accounts to be linked in this manner. If you are interested in this, both parties must come to the library together in order to set up and verify the link.

Does the library charge overdue fines?

No, we don’t!

Can I view a list of items I have checked out?

If you have selected to save your reading history in your account settings then you will be able to view the list of items you have checked out from your account page.

Instructions to turn on this feature can be found here.

How and when should I update my library card?

Your card expires after 3 years. In order to renew, you just need to bring your ID into the library to confirm your information is current.

If any of your information should change (ie. new address, phone number, email, etc.), the next time you visit us bring your ID and update your information at the desk. In the case of a name change, please bring your current ID and documentation of the name change.

Please note that temporary cards expire after 60 days and must be converted into a full card.

How old does a child need to be to visit the library independently?

Children 10 years or older can visit the library independently. Children 9 years or younger must be attended and directly supervised at all times by a parent/guardian or a caregiver aged 13 or older. Parents/guardians/caregivers are to remain in the immediate vicinity of their children while using the library.

Collection Questions

Do you offer InterLibrary Loans?

We do! Go here for more information or to place a request.

What are the plans for the collection?

Our current collection is a start up collection that includes both physical and electronic content to serve all ages. As we move into the first year of operations, we will continue to develop the collections which will be based on requests and feedback from the community.  We will continue to expand our resources to further fit the needs of the community, especially during these challenging times.

How can I recommend a title for the library to buy?

You can suggest a purchase here.

Do you accept donations of used books or other materials?

We are currently not accepting donations due to COVID-19 concerns.

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To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, the Manassas Park City Library is open with limited capacity due to social distancing requirements. More information on our available services can be found on our website. Community members are encouraged to sign up for a temporary library card which will allow new patrons to access electronic materials immediately. Please use the Contact Us form if you have any questions.Sign up for a Temporary Library Card