Minutes – Library Advisory Board – December 3, 2020

Manassas Park City Library Advisory Board Meeting

7 p.m., Thursday, December 3, 2020

9701 Manassas Drive

Manassas Park, VA 20111





Robin Hatcher – Board Co-Chair

Ann-Marie Stewart – Board Member

Lillian Zhu – Board Member

Holly Ritchie – Library Director


Andrea Barbuzza – Board member

Jay Swisher – City



Ms. Hatcher called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.



No comments



Ms. Hatcher asked for motion to approve the agenda. Board Member Zhu moved to accept, Board Member Stewart seconded. The motion carried.



Ms. Hatcher asked for motion to approve the previous meeting minutes (September 10, 2020). Board Member Stewart moved to accept, Board Member Zhu seconded. The motion carried.



 Library Director Report – attached.

Board Co-Chair Hatcher inquired about if any assistance was needed from them for the Donation weekend. Director Ritchie informed them that for the actual weekend no assistance would be needed, but would keep them in mind for the future processing of the items depending on quantity. Board member Stewart inquired about the process for selecting donations and Director Ritchie explained process and in-house guidelines. Board member Zhu inquired if the budget for the collection (physical and digital) would be able to support growth in the library, Director Ritchie explained there is an ongoing budget already worked in dedicated to both to ensure new materials are purchased. Board member Barbuzza commented saying that students at the high school have approached her about the library and how they enjoy studying here.


Action Items

Group e-mail

Director Ritchie explained the e-mail would act like a listserv to assist the board in remain in contact.

Ms. Hatcher asked for motion to approve a group e-mail. Board Member Zhu moved to accept, Board Member Stewart seconded. The motion carried.

Short Takes for Trustees – Library Board Training from LVA

Director Ritchie explained the basics about this training that is offered from the Library of Virginia for Library Board of Trustees. The discussion was tabled for the next meeting as the board reviews the information. Director Ritchie will send an e-mail to board members with the list of videos for the board to review. One video will be selected for members to view before the next meeting to be discussed and see if the training is something the board may wish to implement.



Board set next meeting for March 11th at 7 p.m.


Director Report

The library has been open for 4 months now and it has been amazing. We have continued to see a great response from the community and we have even more regular patrons. Many of our regular patrons are those coming to return items and check out new ones; but we also have quite a few that will come in to work on job hunting, school work, work, or just personal projects. We are also a location for the schools to have their bookmobile for any students who have requested books from their school libraries. This service is offered on Mondays while we are closed and they are giving out library information to each person who picks up a hold.


We have branched out slightly from only virtual programming and have done some socially distant programming on our back patio. These programs include a design your own sharpie tie-dye mask, a grab and go trick or treating event, and a teen fitness challenge. We are also doing at least one grab and go themed activity bag a month.

Of our virtual programming we have posted 32 unique videos over the last 4 months. Our Live virtual Storytime videos are the most popular and we have even been told they are being used in homeschooling!

As before, our monthly calendar is designed to promote a mix of these “live” programs, the socially distant programming, and some more passive activities for our patrons of all ages to enjoy. Our monthly newsletter is also designed to promote our programs and events that we are holding and have a very high open rate.

New Cards

Since opening we have created 457 cards (both physical and virtual).

Available Services

The library is currently open for walk-ins and curbside services. We are taking appointments if people would prefer to make them, but we are not requiring them. We do have a 7-person capacity limit and if that capacity is reached, we enforce an hour time limit to allow a greater amount of use.

Social Media Response

The response on social media has been very positive. We have had a lot of people interested in our posts and currently have 228 likes and 246 Followers on Facebook and 7 subscribers on our YouTube channel. Additionally, we have had a lot of suggestions of future programs, and have started to see some requests for future materials.

Statistics for Manassas Park City Library August -November 2020

MANASSAS PARK CITY LIBRARY 08/20 09/20 10/20 11/20 Total
Reference Transactions 17 96 124 96 333
Public Service Hours 192 212 216 163 783
Library Visits 672 693 895 587 2,847
Uses of Public Internet Computers 0 23 47 54 124
Wireless Sessions 0 0 19 14 33
Total Number of searches of library’s online catalog 602 459 443 227 1,731
Number of Website Visits 5,002 3,184 3,388 1,895 13,469
Digital Circulation – All Audiences 11 12 23 74 120
Total Children’s Programs 3 8 7 4 22
Total Children’s Program Attendance 34 118 17 19 188
Total Young Adult’s Programs 3 8 1 0 12
Total Young Adult Program Attendance 22 81 11 0 114
Total Adult Programs 0 0 0 0 0
Total Adult Program Attendance 0 0 0 0 0
Total Recordings of Program Content 9 17 26
Total Views of Recorded Program Content 171 126 297
Total Circulation – Physical Materials 534 666 709 746 2,655
New Borrowers – Adult 242 53 66 361
New Borrowers – Child 25 14 7 46
New Borrowers – Total 267 67 73 407
Registered Borrowers 267 335 408 458 1,468
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Effective 8/30/21. Face masks will be required in all city buildings, including the library. Masks are available at the library. City Announcement