Minutes – Library Advisory Board – June 11, 2020

Manassas Park Library Board Meeting

June 11, 2020; 7 p.m.



Andrea Barbuzza

Robin Hatcher

Michele Herd

Ann-Marie Stewart

Lillian Zhu

Laszlo A. Palko, City Manager

Jerry Swisher, Parks & Recreation Director

Cullen Donohoe, LS&S

Debbie Joy, LS&S


Mrs. Herd called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m.


Board member Barbuzza inquired about continued access to Prince William County Library. CM explained the library will be part of the reciprocal agreement and confirmed citizens have access to other jurisdictions.

Board member Barbuzza inquired about options for databases beyond Find it Virginia. CM said this is a conversation between schools and LS&S; schools would need to share cost.

Board member Stewart inquired about donations. LS&S asked that the community wait until closer to opening before donating items.

CM reported that City Hall is opening Monday with social distancing. Decision will be made on 7/21 to reopen certain buildings. Manassas Park staff are considering opening the library on 8/1.

Newly hired Library Director Holly Ritchie was introduced and said hello to the Board.


Ms. Herd asked for motion to approve the agenda. The motion carried.


Unable to approve, LS&S will send notes for approval.


Parks Director Jay Swisher gave a facility update: new flooring in kitchen, new window for sightline in library, landscaping has been significantly improved and will continue. LS&S will install shelving, which will arrive in the next week or so. HVAC units are being inspected. Mr. Swisher described the Bloom’s Park facility and plan to move the library downtown in a few years. Mr. Swisher indicated the library will have a ribbon cutting at a later date due to COVID.

Board member inquired about vandalism at the facility. There have been no incidents since glass doors were broken. A robust security system will be in place.

Director of Operations Sara Roberts reported on agenda items:

    • Staffing update – all positions have been hired
    • Collection update – included database updates, Brainfuse is 7% of collection budget
    • Marketing/Website update – the website will launch on July 1 and LSS staff are working with Loren Luck on marketing efforts
    • COVID 19 – discussed efforts to maintain safe space


Section 1. Laptop Checkout

Board member Barbuzza suggested LSS reach out to the school district for used laptops

Section 2. Social Media

Section 3. Circulation

Section 4. Facilities Use

Section 5. Fines and Fees Schedule

Section 6. Collection Development

Board member Stewart made motion to recommend policies and amendments as written, board member Hatcher seconded. The motion carried.

Board member Herd inquired about the donation and naming rights policy. No action items.

Board member Hatcher motioned to adjourn, board member Barbuzza seconded. The meeting adjourned at 6:54 p.m.


Board set next meeting for September 10th at 7 p.m.

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Effective 8/30/21. Face masks will be required in all city buildings, including the library. Masks are available at the library. City Announcement