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The Manassas Park City Library is to be the community’s information center, providing free and equal access to a full variety of library resources and innovative technologies to enhance the quality of life and meet the informational, educational, and cultural interests of the entire community. The following policy, governing the use of Library facilities, reflects this mission.

“Library facilities” refers to space in and around all Library buildings, including lobbies, meeting rooms, grounds, parking lots, and common areas.

The Library makes available public facilities, as defined in this policy, on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups. Library facility use does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of the beliefs, ideas, or policies expressed by organizations or individuals using the space.

In all Library facilities, Library-sponsored programs and activities take precedence over other activities. Use of Library facilities by outside organizations or groups may not interfere with regular Library operations or services.

Facility users and Library customers must comply with the Library Rules of Conduct Policy and all applicable laws, including the Code of Virginia and the Code of the City of Manassas Park, Virginia.

The Library Director (or designee) reserves the right to refuse groups the use of Library facilities whenever, in the Library Director’s (or designee’s) best judgment, the use does not conform to this policy.

Groups/individuals using Library facilities may not approach customers while in Library facilities or on Library grounds. Communication between group representatives and the public is permitted when initiated by the public. No donations may be required or solicited by these groups/individuals.

There is no charge for the use of Library facilities by government, civic, educational, and cultural groups or organizations. The Library Director or designee must give advance permission for any use of Library facilities. Fees for business/for-profit organizations can be found in Addendum E.

The name, address, and phone number of the Library may not be used as the official address of any organization using Library facilities, nor may any non-library group using Library facilities publicize its activities in such a way as to imply Library sponsorship.

The City of Manassas Park and the Library are not liable for damages caused to the user or his or her property while using Library facilities, and City of Manassas Park and the Library will be held harmless from any liability to third parties for injury caused by the group, or any persons or groups, while using Library facilities.



In order to maintain a welcoming environment and ensure free and unimpeded access to the Library and its services, the use of Library lobbies and common areas will be limited to Library-sponsored or partnered programs or events.

The Library Director (or designee) must approve in advance all activities held in common areas. The individuals or group sponsoring the activity must provide the purpose of the activity, as well as the dates and times the activity will take place, when requesting approval.

The individuals or groups sponsoring the activity must be in attendance at all times. Those in attendance may not approach or initiate conversation with any Library customer.



The Library’s meeting rooms can be reserved up to 60 days in advance and are available during normal operating hours. Federal, state, county, city or town governments may use the meeting rooms for official government business at other times as authorized by the City Manager.  The primary purpose of the meeting rooms is for conducting library programs and services, which will have first priority in scheduling.  The secondary purpose of the meeting rooms to provide community meeting spaces.

All groups may use the rooms under the following conditions:

  1. All meetings and programs must be open to the public.
  2. The solicitation of personal information from attendees is prohibited.
  3. The sale of goods and services, admission fees, and/or solicitation of donations is prohibited.
  4. A valid library card is required to reserve any meeting room.
  5. Cancellations must be reported to the library 48 hours in advance of scheduled reservations. Failure to cancel with sufficient notice two times may lead to cancellation of all remaining reservations.
  6. Meetings must end 15 minutes prior to Library closing time. Time limits must be adhered to. Meeting preparations and take down must be made within the overall meeting room availability timeframes. The meeting rooms are to be left as they were found.
  7. Only Library-sponsored presenters, library support groups, and local or federal government groups either sponsoring or co-sponsoring a program, may charge an admission fee or sell a product.
  8. Nonprofit organizations and community groups may use the rooms free of charge. The Library reserves the right to request the organization’s 501c3 documentation. For-profit groups and businesses must pay a room use fee. (See Schedule of Fees: Addendum E)

Manassas Park City Library provides the following rooms:

Conference room – 9 chairs, 2 tables

  • Maximum time frame for single use is three hours
  • Groups can reserve the room one time per month in order to provide fair access to the entire community. If the room is not reserved, walk-ups will be accepted for same day use no matter prior usage within the month.

Multipurpose Room – 20 chairs, 6 tables

  • Maximum time frame for single use is four hours
  • Groups can reserve the room one time per month in order to provide fair access to the entire community



Library grounds, including all space owned/controlled by the Library outside of Library buildings, is public space, and therefore is subject to regulation as part of this Facilities Use Policy.

Smoking and use of tobacco products are prohibited on Library grounds and in all Library buildings.

Users of Library grounds must deposit all waste into waste receptacles, or remove the waste from Library property. Animal waste must be picked up and disposed of in receptacles or offsite.

Signs, emblems, banners, pennants, etc. may not be posted or displayed on Library grounds or Library building exteriors, except by the Library, Library support groups, or City of Manassas Park.

Petition signing is allowed on Library grounds with prior notification to and approval by the Library Director (or designee). All petition activity must be conducted outside Library buildings at a minimum distance of 25 feet from building entrances.

The Library parking lot is reserved for users of Library or park facilities. Use of the Library parking lot for other purposes are prohibited, unless as part of a Library-sponsored program or event.



Display cases and exhibit areas are used for Library-sponsored displays, which inform the public of the wide range of issues, events, and interests within the community.

The posting or distribution of a particular item does not indicate that the Library endorses any organization, cause, or activity.


Library-sponsored temporary exhibits, curated by staff, provide a venue for local artists to exhibit work.

Any permanent works of art in Library facilities must be approved by the City of Manassas Park.

Handouts and Bulletin Boards for Community Information. Handouts and publications from community groups and individuals may be displayed at the Library if space permits. The Library reserves the right to remove any display or posting following consultation with the City of Manassas Park City Attorney.

Adopted 4/14/2020  

Revised 7/21/2020

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JUNE 18, 2022 // Blooms Park Location Closed

Our Blooms Park Location has closed as we prepare to open our new library at Park Central. We will have temporary services and programming at the Manassas Park Community Center through the end of July and will open in our new location on August 16. Be sure to visit us!

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