Manassas Park City Library welcomes and encourages monetary gifts, bequests, endowment funds, and gifts of property, services or materials from individuals, groups, foundations, or corporations. All gifts will be evaluated for appropriateness in light of the Library’s mission and all other existing policies. Gifts shall not be a substitute for adequate local funding, but a way for the community to give back to their Library.

The Library and staff are under no obligation to accept gifts, items, or funds and reserve the right to refuse any gift.

Gifts valued at $5,000 or less will be reviewed and accepted by the Parks and Recreation Director (or designee) upon the recommendation of the Library Director.

Gifts valued over $5,000 as well as conditional gifts will be reviewed and accepted by the City Manager after consultation with the Governing Body and upon the recommendation of the Library Director.

Donors who request naming rights must have a sustained connection to the City and receive Governing Body approval.

Gifts of physical items, including books and other material donations, are accepted with the understanding that ownership passes to the Library.

The Library reserves the right to decide use, condition of display, and final disposition of all gift material it receives. Gifts are considered for acceptance on the same basis as materials for purchase. The cost of processing and the availability of shelf space are also factors in determining the acceptance of gifts. The Library may provide a receipt acknowledging the number of donated items, but will not attempt to estimate their value.

The Library may forward items deemed unusable to library support groups or outside agencies/organizations. Gifts will not be returned to the donor.

Adopted 4/14/2020

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To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, the Manassas Park City Library is open with limited capacity due to social distancing requirements. More information on our available services can be found on our website. Community members are encouraged to sign up for a temporary library card which will allow new patrons to access electronic materials immediately. Please use the Contact Us form if you have any questions.Sign up for a Temporary Library Card