Laptop Checkout


Manassas Park City Library is pleased to offer laptop checkout service to patrons. Patrons will be able to access the library’s wireless network, information resources, library printer, the Internet and other provided software with a library laptop. The laptops must be used in the Library.

This policy is intended to ensure that the laptops are available for fair access for all users.

The library circulates the laptop and power cord if needed; no earphones, external keyboards, external mice, external hard drives, or any other devices will be provided. Patrons may use any personal device that uses a USB connection, including a keyboard, mouse and USB flash drives.



  • Laptop computers may only be checked out by a patron with a library card. The library card must be in good standing with no fines, no outstanding lost library materials, and no other blocks on the card. Parents will be required to check out laptops for children under the age of 13.
  • Laptop computers check out for in-library use only. Laptops connect to the Library network through a wireless connection. Laptop computers may not be left unattended. Patrons must return the laptops to the Service Desk when they are finished or the time for use has expired.
  • Patrons must present a current MPCL card; staff will verify identity based on the record for the card (e.g. address/name/DOB).
  • The first time a laptop is checked out patrons must read the MPCL Laptop Policy and sign a copy of the Laptop Use Agreement Form, which will be kept on file. A copy of the policy will be given to the patron. The patron will then be listed in the system as Laptop Eligible. Patrons below the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian complete the Laptop Policy Form in the presence of Library Staff.
  • Laptops are available on a first come, first served basis for 60 minutes at a time, which can be extended if no one is waiting.
  • Patrons are financially responsible for lost or stolen laptops. A lost laptop fee of $800 will be accessed when necessary. Repair costs, whether from negligent, reckless, or intentional damage, are the responsibility of the patron.
  • No software may be downloaded or installed to the laptop hard drive.
  • The Manassas Park City Library is not liable for damages to patron’s personal data, removable media or equipment resulting from information copied from the Internet or laptop. Information may not be saved to the laptop hard drive under any circumstances. All information is automatically erased when the computer is shut down. All computers will be shut down and wiped when they are checked back in.
  • The Library Director reserves the right to limit or regulate the use of Library equipment.

Adopted 7/21/2020
Updated 12/14/2022

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