Library Support Groups

Library support groups, including Friends of the Library (“Friends”) groups, the Library Advisory Board, and library foundations, fulfill an important fundraising and public advocacy function for public libraries. A Friends group or the Library Advisory Board serves as a support group, rather than as a policy-making body.

These groups may raise money through book sales, sponsorship of special events, or other means. As in any volunteer organization, members are provided with an opportunity to use their time, skills, resources, and contacts in a worthwhile community endeavor, while receiving recognition for their efforts.

To use Library facilities, the Library name, or receive Library assistance, any MPCL support group must abide by the standards listed below.


1. All Friends groups, advisory boards, and foundations shall conduct their fiscal affairs through appropriately structured non-profit, tax exempt organizations, such as non-stock corporations, and shall maintain their tax-exempt status.

2. There shall be a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the City Manager and the support group.

3. Funds raised by library support groups shall not be a substitute for adequate local funding.

4. Funds raised by library support groups shall be maintained in an account separate and distinct from the Library’s operating accounts. Such accounts shall be administered by the treasurer of the support group.

5. Gifts made to the Library by a Friends group, the Library Advisory Board, or by a library foundation shall conform to Library gift and fiscal policies, and shall not be used to dictate Library policy.

Adopted 4/14/2020

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