Safe Children

Manassas Park City Library is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment that encourages children to visit the Library, attend programs, and use Library collections and spaces. Library staff is available to assist and support children in using the Library. However, Library staff cannot provide child care or assume responsibility for children’s safety. Parents, guardians, teachers, and caregivers are responsible for the behavior and safety of children on Library premises.

Children nine years of age or younger must be attended and directly supervised at all times by a parent/guardian or caregiver aged 13 or older. Parents/guardians/caregivers are to remain in the immediate vicinity of their children using the Library.

If children nine years of age or younger are left unattended, staff will attempt to reach their parents/guardians. If they cannot be reached, staff will contact the appropriate authorities.

Like all Library users, children are expected to abide by the Library Rules of Conduct (see policy 9). Library staff reserves the right to contact parents/guardians or the appropriate authorities if a child of any age is disruptive or is in distress.

Minors under age 18, left at the Library without transportation at closing time may be referred to the appropriate authorities for his/her/their safety and well-being. Library staff may not transport minors.

Adopted 4/14/2020

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JUNE 18, 2022 // Blooms Park Location Closed

Our Blooms Park Location has closed as we prepare to open our new library at Park Central. We will have temporary services and programming at the Manassas Park Community Center through the end of July and will open in our new location on August 16. Be sure to visit us!

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