Security Footage


The Manassas Park City Library (MPCL) is committed to serving the public by providing a safe place for all patrons and staff members. All video surveillance recordings from library equipment are library records as defined in the Code of Virginia § 2.2-3705.7.03 (Virginia Freedom of Information Act).


Video surveillance cameras are placed in locations meant to provide maximum security, including building interiors and exteriors. In no event shall cameras be located in areas where patrons and/or staff have a reasonable expectation of privacy such as restrooms, staff break rooms, or offices. Security cameras will be placed so as to avoid recording legible computer screens, table tops, or other locations that would identify the reading or information-gathering practices of individuals. Audio surveillance is not permitted under this policy.

Video surveillance footage is not continuously monitored. Library patrons and staff should take appropriate precautions for their safety and for the security of their personal property. MPCL is not responsible for personal injury or loss of property.

Video footage will be retained for a flexible period determined by the storage capacity of the equipment, typically no longer than 45 days. As new footage is recorded, the oldest footage will automatically be deleted. Video footage will not be retained for an extended period or archived unless it is needed to document possible criminal activity or violations of Library Policy.


Library records, including video surveillance records, shall not be made available to any agency of state, federal, or local government or any individual except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigative power. Upon receipt of any inquiry, process, order, or subpoena seeking library records, the matter will be turned over to the Library Director. The Director and the City Attorney will determine if such inquiry, process, order, or subpoena is in proper legal form. Only the City Manager or designee and the Library Director or designee will be authorized to release images to law enforcement.

Nothing in this policy shall prevent authorized library personnel from using video surveillance records in the administration of their regular duties.

Adopted 11/17/2020

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