Homeschooling, also known as home education or elective home education, is the education of school-aged children at home or a variety of places other than school. Here at Manassas Park City Library we strive to support our local homeschoolers in anyway we can!

If you have any suggestions, please Contact Us. We’d also appreciate your feedback on this short survey.

New To Homeschooling?

Check out our homeschooling program to hear from the parents that have been there! Click here for more information.

Want to hear more from those who have been there? Check out this webinar put on by CHESS for Spanish-speakers who are interested in homeschooling!

What do I need to homeschool?

You can find the official listing from the Department of Education here.

Is there a handbook or anything to reference?

The Virginia Department of Education has created a Home Instruction Handbook – Information for Parents.

Where can I find the State Requirements?

You can find the State Requirements for Homeschooling here.

What does MPCS have to say about homeschooling?

You can find information provide by the Manassas Park City Schools for home school instruction here.


Programs for Homeschoolers

The library will host special events for homeschoolers and their families. Please check back as we develop the schedule for programs.

Virginia Homeschooling Resources
Local Facebook Groups
Local Support Groups
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Effective JANUARY 10, 2022

Face masks will be required in all city buildings, including the library. Masks are available at the library. City Announcement