Virtual Escape Rooms

Hansel and Gretel: Kitchen Countdown

Abandoned deep in the forest, you have become lost and hungry. You happen upon a quaint little cottage made of the sweetest sweets anyone could ask for. Invited in by a kind-hearted woman, things suddenly turn very GRIMM. You quickly recognize that you are locked inside a witch’s kitchen. You have not been invited for dinner, but to become dinner instead!! Quickly race to complete all four of the witch’s puzzles and free yourselves from the flames before it is too late. Hurry, before you become the final ingredient!!!!!

Digital Escape Room by the Osceola Library System in Central Florida.

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Escape from Wonderland

Try this Digital Escape Room by Moultrie-Colquitt County Library System in Moultrie, Georgia.

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Can you escape the Rhymes?

You’ve fallen asleep reading again! But this time, when you wake, you seem to have been transported INSIDE the book. Luckily you’ve read this one before – it’s a book of nursery rhymes. You’re sure if you make it through the book, you’ll be back in your own room before you know it!

Digital Escape Room by the Bay County Library System.

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Can you escape from Dracula?

You’ve been on an excursion through Europe – visiting cities, villages, hamlets, etc. touring museums, cathedrals and castles. On the day you visit Romania you decide to take a tour of Dracula’s castle only to discover it’s closed the for day. But then you notice the front door is unlocked! Do you dare go inside and meander through the castle? You’ve only got a few hours left of daylight. If you’re still in the castle by sundown you run the risk of encountering the count himself when he awakens from his diurnal slumber….the choice is yours. Once you enter the castle the door creaks shut and locks behind you!

Digital Escape Room by the Osceola County Library System.

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Trapped in the Old Parrish House

You and your friends are walking home when you pass the old, abandoned Parrish house. Rumor has it that twenty years ago, a 12 year-old boy named Alan Parrish went missing and his ghost now haunts the house. Your friend triple dog dares you to go in alone and steal something that belonged to Alan Parrish.

Since you can’t just ignore a triple dog dare, what do you do?

Digital Escape Room by the Cuyahoga Falls Library.

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Holiday Romance: Escape the Alternate Reality

You wake up to find that you’re married to your ex. How could this be?! Solve the puzzles to return to your own reality!

Digital Escape Room by the Tredyffrin Township Libraries.

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Library Heist

Your local library is closed, but you know they have a rare book that you want to read hidden away in the archives. Any other day, you could just walk in, but because of the closure, you’ll have to sneak around and bypass multiple security measures to get to the book. You know that the archive room has a special entry code and the book is locked, but it can’t be that hard, right?

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Sherlock Holmes: Escape from the Scarlet Study

After returning home from the library, you settle in for the evening and pick up the old copy of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”​ you checked out. Flipping to the table of contents, you see a story you haven’t heard of before at the end of the book: “Escape from the Scarlet Study.” You flip to the story…and then the room starts to spin.

When you open your eyes, you are no longer in your home. Instead, you find yourself in a cluttered study covered in ornate scarlet wallpaper. Dimly lit by gasoline lamps, you see a freshly-opened letter on the desk topping a pile of books and notice the date: 1895! How did this happen?!

“About time,” a voice behind you intones. You whirl around and see a tall, thin man with a patch of dark hair wearing a tweed suit and a deerstalker hat. Could it really be…Sherlock Holmes?

“I’ve been waiting for a good five minutes. My dear friend and occasional assistant, the good Dr. Watson, was unable to accompany me on this particular excursion. So I had to use the tools at my disposal to summon help—which must be you—here. If you can help me find my way out of this labyrinth of a house, I’ll send you right back from whence you came—​if you’re game for an adventure, that is. Is this arrangement acceptable?”

Try this Digital Escape Room by the Paloma Valley Library

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Can You Escape the Minotaur’s Labyrinth?

The monstrous Minotaur – part man part bull – terrorizes the people who dwell on the Island of Crete. Good King Minos has promised his daughter Ariadne’s hand in marriage to anyone who can slay the beast. You are a mere mortal who has accepted the king’s challenge. Are you prepared for such a daunting task? If so…..then begin the challenge. If you lose you will be devoured by the Minotaur – becoming just another victim to his insatiable appetite for human flesh! Oh! And there’s one more thing – he lives in the center of a labyrinth! You’ll have to be careful or you’ll get lost – or worse – you’ll be found and devoured by the Minotaur!

Try this Digital Escape Room by the Osceola Library System in Central Florida.

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Star Wars Digital Escape Room

Another bounty hunter has gotten the jump on you. She’s taken the Child and is planning to the collect the reward. The bounty hunter is apparently bored (or crazy) though, because instead of simply killing you and leaving as quickly as possible, she is giving you an hour from the time the holocube was activated to come and find her and the Child.

Can you Escape?

Digital Escape Room by Hillsdale Free Public Library in Hillsdale, NJ

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Can you escape the chocolate factory?

Golden tickets have been hidden inside chocolate bars and the lucky people who find them will get to visit the chocolate factory!

It isn’t quite as simple as that though, once you find a ticket you must also decipher the secret code…

Try this Digital Escape Room by the St Albans Library.

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Back to the Present

You’re an inventor who has theorized it is possible to time-travel within one’s own lifetime. After years of work, you’ve finally built your machine out of a telephone booth you found in a junkyard. Using the plutonium you stole from Libyan terrorists, you are finally ready to test it. Hacking into a government computer system for more power, you turn on the machine and take a bold step inside.
However things do not go as planned and instead you are hurled back in time! When you awake you find that you’ve been physically transported or “leapt” into an ‘80s movie from your youth.

You must solve the puzzle inside each movie in order to leave. Once you provide the correct answer, you will be allowed to leap into a new reality, each time hoping it’s back to the present.

Digital Escape Room by Raven Chase Adventures.

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Night at the Library

It’s 9:00 pm on a Friday evening.

You’re in your room, reading the newest book by your favorite author, but you’re getting sleepy. You reach for the bookmark your best friend made for you, but you suddenly realize: you left it in your last library book, and you have already returned it!You know you won’t be able to sleep until you find it, so you decide to go to the library to see if it is there. You hop on your bike and ride down the street to the library, but it is closed! Maybe someone is there who can help you.

Digital Escape Room by the Carbon Valley Regional Library.

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Murder Mystery

You are an amateur detective and are attending a party when there is a murder! The body had obviously been moved when it was discovered in the entrance hall. Now you have sequestered all the suspects in the ballroom and the concerned household staff are waiting in the kitchen. You must discover the identity of the murderer, where it happened, with what weapon, and escape the mansion!

Digital Escape Room by the Campbell County Public Library.

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Help Dog Man Escape

Great gobs of goo! Dog Man is at it again as he tries to escape from a digital locked room. It’s up to you to save this epic hero of the day. Are you up to the challenge of figuring out clues found in: text, photos, or videos? Can our protagonist depend on you? Will he need more? Will his remote control die and shut down his TV before you are able to help? Only you can help by entering a parallel universe digital dark room. If you escape, then Dog Man will too! Good luck!!!!

Try this Digital Escape Room by the Shiloh Valley Elementary School

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Escape from Burton Barr

You were reading a good book, but now you find yourself waking from a drool-worthy nap. It’s clear, everyone has left the now locked-down library. If you don’t find a way to leave you’re going to be in big trouble!

Try this Digital Escape Room by the Phoenix Public Library

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